Life is limited; we inhabit one body, 
one mind, and see through one pair of eyes. But by reading and by writing we can enter different worlds, get inside the skins of different people in different places, and, in so doing, push out the boundaries of our own lives. 
That is why I started to read and later to write.'
'Joan Lingard is an honest, prolific and interesting author with an enormous range. She makes no concessions to passing trends, but tells good stories that affect real people.'
Adele Geras
'Joan Lingard is a thoroughly proffessional novelist. I mean that as praise, high praise. Her books are well crafted, the story deftly told, the characters thoroughly imagined.'
Allen Massie
'Joan Lingard has a rare and warm insight into how people behave collectively and individually.'
Julia Eccleshare
She is particularly sound on youthful vulnerability and on the human need, irrespective of range, to find acceptance, friendship and love.
The Irish Times